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Landscaping, Tree Surgery, Lawn Care & More

Get the expertise you need for deadwood removal, dealing with dangerous trees, shaping, reducing and caring for tall trees of all kinds. Give us a call when you need experts for any kind of tree surgery in Oxford.

We have a small, select team of professional tree surgeons, each with many years of experience. Armed with the highest quality tools and safety equipment, they can care for trees up to 65 feet (20 metres) in height, set in any property – anywhere in Oxford.

With free waste removal up to a certain quantity of waste and a shredder to chip excess branches and green clippings ready for other uses around your garden, this is a neat and tidy service performed by qualified and experienced specialists.

How tree surgery works with us

The first thing is for our expert team to get a good look at the tree or trees you need them to address. You can discuss what you want to have done with them on-site, making sure that we always provide a service which precisely follows your needs and wants.

Our tree surgeons are usually called on in two different situations.

First, the removal or trimming of dangerous trees. In these cases, we have to act in certain ways in order to preserve any still living parts of the tree or any parts you wish to keep – especially if the tree might be in danger of falling on something or someone. We can provide complete tree removal when you or the situation calls for it.

Second, tree care. Whether you need your tree or trees trimmed to protect your roof from water damage caused by overhanging branches, to get more light into your property or simply to keep your trees happy and healthy, this is the ideal service. Best Gardeners Oxford regularly cares for trees up to 12 feet tall as part of our garden maintenance service. For taller trees, this is the option you’ll need.

Get a free quote from our tree surgeons

Give us a call now on 011 8436 0054 to get a free quote on the tree surgery you need in Oxford.

We’re on the line and ready to take your call 24/7. Plus, you can get in touch with us quickly and easily by filling in our online booking form at any time.

Why use Best Gardeners Oxford?

A small team of fully insured and qualified tree surgeons

Suitable for trees up to 20 metres (65 feet) in height

Can deal with dangerous trees damaged by bad weather, age and accidents

Ideal for all kinds of tree care

FREE garden waste removal for up to 180 litres of materials

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Oxford, UK

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